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Block yourself from impulse spending with blockchain

2018. január 26. 15:08 - Györfi András szerk


Let's be honest, it happens to all of us. Something comes to your attention, a new gadget, a box of chocolate, a beautiful new car and you go for it. Impulse buying is one of the worst diseases of the modern era. It's no surprise, the marketing industry is building on the weeknesses of the human psyche.

But with an upcoming ICO that might come to an end, at least we could reduce our reckless spending habits. With Trevi you will be able to build savings with each and every purchase you make. You can set for yourself how much money you wish to place in to a secure account when you buy something, anywhere.

Also, setting up short and long term financial goals, savings is an important feature of their system. They claim that 69% of Americans have 0 USD savings. That sounds a bit alarming. What will you do if you get ill or loose your job and so on...

Their main goal is to block users from their own money. This might sound bizarre, but I think most of us would be thankful is someone could stop us from buying absolutely useless stuff. The basic idea is great, but their site does not look to good, I am a bit sceptic about this one.

I could not find any information about their team. This is even more concerning then their ugly website. But you never know, maybe Trevi is going to succeed. I could not find information about the exact goal of their token either. If you liked this post, follow me on Facebook for regular ICO news!

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