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Finally a truly useful blockchain project!

2018. január 23. 15:20 - Györfi András szerk


With the number of ICOs rising almost daily, the amount of projects that are simply copycats of each other is unbelievable. It's hard for one to even count the number of privacy coins out there right now. But thankfully there are more and more teams aiming for a truly unique, useful, meaningful goal within the crypto universe. Medicalchain is one of them.

Storeing, moving, managing medical records has been an issue in the healthcare industry for decades. Believe it or not, in 2018 there still are a lot of hospitals all around the world that store X-Rays and a lot of other medical records in basements, warehouses on endles shelves of boxes. 

The main point is to upload the "truth" once and for all regarding the medical condition of a patient. From that point, doctors and various organizations can access the data anywhere in the world. Also, they can be a 100% sure that the data is accurate, at least it was at the time of the initial investigation, diagnosis. 

The patient can even set up different levels of access to their own data, also a cool and useful feature. Just think about it, you want your doctor, your employer, your insurance company to know only as much as you want them to know.

Our health is our own, only we can decide who receives and what amount of information about our well being or illness.

They have a quite impressive team of IT experts and medical professionals. This is a truly cool project with a bright future ahead. Believe it or not, they have a partnership even with the NHS which is a huge deal for any healthcare startup.

Also, only certified medical professionals have the right to add or remove data from the blockchain, again an important element of privacy and security. The patient grants the right to the doctor to modify their data on the blockchain. However, the exact goal of their token is unclear, this is a minus point.

They provide a telemedicine platform as well, an additional and important feature. I think this project has the potential to change the entire healthcare industry. Great technology, solid team, remarkable ideas, professional execution.

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brumm.a.tejbe 2018.01.23. 15:24:25

Aól mi vélemény?

Györfi András szerk 2018.01.23. 15:42:06

@brumm.a.tejbe: nem hallottam róla... az oldaluk pedig nem túl informatív... mit lehet erről tudni?

brumm.a.tejbe 2018.01.23. 15:53:19

A "bányászás" nem kriptográfiai alapú, hanem MI neurális hálós. WTA (winner takes it all) helyett valami arányos jutalmazási rendszere van, ezért alkalmas arra is hogy akinek nincs egy AntMiner bányásza is beszálljon :D
Jelenleg alpha mining zajlik, bitcointalk fórumán láttam:

Györfi András szerk 2018.01.23. 16:03:56

@brumm.a.tejbe: köszönönöm, ez igazán érdekesnek hangzik... utánajárok és írok róla ha van értelme...